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First of all what is a second shooter?

A photographer that assists the main photographer on the wedding day (please read on for full details)

The advantages of using a second shooter as a Widnes Wedding photographer most of my weddings are in Widnes, Liverpool and Warrington areas and I often get asked do you have a second shooter with you on your wedding day as most couples don’t want posed wedding images they want the more relaxed natural style of pictures. My answer to this question is always yes, how else you can get all the reaction shots (see below) when you are concentrating on getting images of the couple. Now I know I just said the couple only wanted relaxed natural images, yes that is true but say for instance you are photographing the speeches and taking pictures of the bride’s father you can’t get the picture of the bridesmaid crying or laughing and what about the guest’s reactions by having the second shooter going round the guests tables, how the children were playing, some nice groom prep pictures from the second shooter always look great in a wedding album all these images can be captured by your second shooter to really capture the story of the day.

Another advantage of using a second shooter is they are able to get things ready you. Group shots are one of the parts of the day they can be a massive help, by getting the guests ready for when they are going to be in group shots. This can save you a massive amount of time as your guests are ready for when they are needed so they group shots are done much quicker allowing the couple to spend more time with the guests rather than me having to find the people before we can take the picture. Nobody wants to stand around using a second shooter is a massive help to stop people getting bored and they can get back to the bar which is far more enjoyable. I only ever use two people on my weddings both of these people are experienced wedding photographers and know exactly the type of images I like. I also often second shoot for one of these photographers when he has weddings if I do not have a wedding booking on the day. This allows me photograph in a completely different way than when it is one of my weddings as I am looking for the reaction shoots of the guests rather than images of the couple so you have to keep your eye out as you always have to expect the unexpected. All my wedding packages include a second photographer included in the price and as I say above they are a great addition to your wedding day.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Widnes or surrounding area please contact me to discuss your wedding day photography.

Images by Widnes Wedding photographer Philip Antrobus

Second shooter images

  • bearded pipe smokers

Request from America Antrobus calling Antrobus for Antrobus

I recently had an email from America from Mr Bob Antrobus saying would I be interested in taking some images of the village of Antrobus near Northwich. Bob said "You obviously don’t know me, but I turned up your name doing a web search for a photographer in the Cheshire area. I live in the U.S. My wife and I had the distinct pleasure to tour around the U.K. in 2014, including a very short side visit to Antrobus parish in Cheshire when the tour stopped for the night nearby on the Wales-England border. I would like to have a half dozen photos taken of a few views around Antrobus parish, which I will frame and hang in my home office. This interest ensues partly from the genealogical research I’ve been doing for the past couple years, and which continues".

This was a great email to receive and I replied I would love to do this shoot as would be great shooting Antrobus for Antrobus by Antrobus. 

Bob sent me a list of images he was after and having worked out with the aid of Google Maps and waiting and waiting for a nice sunny day. Off I went to Antrobus to take the images. 

Several people gave me strange looks as I went up and down the picturesque streets of Antrobus taking the images that Bob requested. I took extra photos for Bob as Antrobus will have changed since his visit so wanted to give him as many images as possible.

I have now sent the images of to Bob and he is delighted with the images and stated I had over delivered on what had been requested. 


If you would like to have a baby shoot please contact me for more  details

Joshua Blog

 Client Information Client Name: Sarah Dolat

Partner Name: Eshan Dolat

Child(ren) name(s) and age(s): Joshua 10 weeks at time of shoot.

Date of Birth: Date of Session: 20th April 2017

Location of Session: My home

QUESTIONS 1.) How did you feel the first time you saw your baby?

Raw love and emotion. Never forget it.

2.) Have we done a session before? If not, skip ahead. If so, tell me roughly how long ago our last session was and something you remember from our shoot.


3.) What was your favorite part about our session together?

Your patience and calmness towards our baby

4.) How did you prepare the baby for our photo shoot?

Tried to feed him as much as possible

5.) How was your experience having your newborn photographed? Were you nervous or worried before? How did it turn out?

Excited memories to treasure

6.) What would be your advice to someone getting newborn photographs taken?

Use Phil without a shadow of a doubt

7.) What kinds of things did you worry about before and during the session?


8.) What's the first thing that ran through your mind when you both found out you were pregnant?

It will be a learning curve but we will try our best

9.) Did you bring a sentimental item to our shoot? If so, what was it and please share why it's such a special item for you.

Yes a multi coloured monkey his first teddy

10.) Do you have other children? How do they react to the baby? What do they like to do together? Do you have any cute stories about their relationship? Feel free to share here.

With the lovely Zara Watson

UK Photo Show at the NEC

I have had a great few days at the UKPhotoShow I originally went down there on the Saturday and was also there on the Monday and Tuesday. My main focus of going is to listen to the talks and demonstrations from the top names in photography and social media, hence why I only spent £30 while there.

Just to give you an idea some of the talks I attended included dance photography by Andrew Appleton, Adobe Apps by Eric Renno, baby photography by Elli Cassidy, portraits by Glynn Dewis several wedding talks on the phottix stand by various people as well as many more. I would be surprised if anyone attend more talks over 3 days than myself. I also attended various social media talks and have got lots of ideas which I will be doing in the next few weeks to improve my social media skills and hopefully increase my following.

I have got to say a massive thank you to the guys at Smugmug who have improved by web site over the last few days with their amazing talented staff. It was also good to catch up with so many friends at the show including the lovely Zara Watson and Stephen Perry.  Had a lovely night out on the Monday evening with Mike Evans, Dave and Annette Knagg well it just has to be done as is now part of the tradition of going. Roll on next year can't wait.

Storm Doris Picture on Granada Reports by Philip Antrobus

Well Storm Doris certainly left its mark in the North West and got one of my images published on Granada Reports News. I was in Warrington and spotted that outside the hospital a tree had fallen and blocked Hollins Lane completely. Fortunately it missed any cars or pedestrians that were on the lane at the time. I didn't have my main camera on me at the time but fortunatly my iPhone was with me so I managed to take some images while fighting with the force of Storm Doris. I sent some of my images in to Granada Reports on the hope of getting one of them on their web site. Imagine my shock when watching on tv later when my image was used as the main picture as they reported on Storm Doris.

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