A stunning day for Gaynor and Rupert's wedding at The Albright Hussey Manor Shrewsbury

A stunning day for Gaynor and Rupert's wedding at The Albright Hussey Manor Shrewsbury

I loved photographing Gaynor and Rupert's wedding , The weather was good so the decision was made to hold the wedding outside in the stunning gardens of the hotel. The Tudor hotel which is set in the heart of the Shropshire countryside is the perfect location for your dream wedding.

Gaynor looked stunning in her wedding dress and the look on Rupert's face when he first saw her walking down the aisle was a sight to see. After the ceremony was over it was on to the group shots which were all taken in the lovely gardens of the hotel. After the group shots were completed we did some quiet time pics of the happy couple, sitting on the swing, walking round the gardens etc, this is also a great time for the bride and groom to have some quiet time for themselves and to enjoy the moment with each other.


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It was then time for the wedding reception and Gaynor and Rupert also had a little suprise for every guest in the form of a bar of chocolate for everyone of their guests. The wrapper on the chocolate had a picture from their pre wedding shoot we had done a few weeks before the wedding and on the reverse of the wrapper was what they had ordered for their meal. The meal from the hotel looked amazing and was enjoyed by all the wedding party.

Following the meal it was time for the speeches which is always a great time for taking images of not only the top table but all the guests at the wedding.

Outdoor wedding at The Albright Hussey Manor Hotel Shrewsbury


Soon it was night time and this is where Gaynor and Rupert really rocked it boy could they dance. It was definitely a 10 from the audience for their dancing skills.

It was a pleasure to photograph Gaynor and Rupert's wedding at the Albright Hussey Hotel and I would love to photograph another wedding their soon.

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