Bride and groom popping champagne at night outdoors at Chester Zoo wedding.

Chester Zoo Wedding Photography

Welcome to the modern world of weddings, traditionally, weddings were held in churches and banquet halls, but today, couples can exchange vows in almost any setting, including unique locations like Chester Zoo. With its lush greenery, stunning wildlife, and picturesque landscapes, Chester Zoo offers couples the chance to tie the knot surrounded by nature’s beauty and exotic animals’ enchanting presence. This flexibility allows couples to have their special day within the zoo, creating memories that will last a lifetime for themselves and their guests. How many people can say we had our wedding with 27000 animals in attendance?

Award Winning Cheshire Wedding Photographer

I’m Phil Antrobus, an award-winning wedding Chester Zoo wedding photographer with a decade of experience, based in Cheshire, UK. My journey began in catering, but photography is my passion as it allows me to capture unforgettable wedding moments. I find immense joy in being part of couples’ special days, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Chester Zoo Wedding Photos

Chester Zoo Wedding Venue

Chester Zoo is a dream wedding venue location in the Cheshire countryside for animal lovers. With two amazing and totally different reception rooms to have your wedding from the recently opened Square or go back in time to the 1930’s Manor House.

The Square – New Ceremony Venue at Chester Zoo

New for 2023! The Square is a stunning new venue based in the original stable block where the zoo began back in the 1930s. Offering a large open plan venue as well as a set of unique smaller meeting spaces, the Grade II listed building has been sustainably renovated into a timeless space where old meets new.

You’ll find The Square in a secluded setting in the heart of the zoo. Featuring an impressive gated entrance, the building features a large private courtyard, exposed brick walls, vaulted rafters, large feature windows overlooking the garden and a host of original features which tell the story of the original building.

The venue offers ultimate flexibility for weddings and events, with a 200 capacity venue as well as a courtyard and beautiful private garden.

The Oakfield – the 1930’s Manor House Venue at Chester Zoo

The Oakfield has stood at the heart of the zoo since 1931 when our Founder George Mottershead moved in with his family and his vision of a ‘zoo without bars’.

Since then, The Oakfield has had many uses from a family home to an aquarium, before becoming a stunning Grade II listed wedding venue. Today, the building’s original structure has been retained, and its original features preserved. Our spaces in The Oakfield are set apart from the rest of The Oakfield so you are ensured privacy for your events, while still allowing you flexibility to use the whole venue if you wish. Our zoological gardens provide an inspirational backdrop for successful meetings.

The Oakfield is where it all began for the zoo, serving as our pioneering founder George Mottershead’s family home. Beautifully restored and renovated in 2018, The Oakfield retains many stunning original features like the intricate wood panelling in the Library and the sumptuous luxury of the Boardroom.

The History of Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo has a fascinating history that’s worth exploring. It all began in 1931 when George Mottershead, a man passionate about animals, decided to create a zoo without bars. He envisioned a place where animals could roam freely in naturalistic habitats, rather than being confined in cages. George faced numerous challenges, including financial struggles and skepticism from others, but his determination never wavered.

In 1934, George found a suitable location in Upton-by-Chester, and with the support of his family, he opened Chester Zoo to the public. It quickly gained popularity for its innovative approach to zookeeping and its commitment to conservation and education.

Over the years, Chester Zoo has grown significantly, expanding its collection of animals and becoming a leader in wildlife conservation efforts. Today, it is one of the largest and most visited zoos in the UK, attracting millions of visitors each year.

As for Chester Zoo wedding photography, the picturesque surroundings of the zoo provide a stunning backdrop for couples looking to capture their special day. From lush gardens to exotic animal exhibits, there are countless opportunities for beautiful and unique photos. Professional photographers can take advantage of the natural light and diverse scenery to create unforgettable images that capture the love and joy of the occasion.

Whether you’re an animal lover, a nature enthusiast, or simply someone looking for a truly memorable wedding venue, Chester Zoo offers a magical setting that’s sure to make your big day unforgettable.

The zoo has been featured on Channel 4 in the programme called the Secret Life of the Zoo which takes viewers behind the scenes at Chester Zoo showing the hard work and dedication of the staff, how it works with other zoo’s to help in the conservation of the animal population and much more. There are over 65 episodes in total and you can catch the episodes on All 4.

Chester Zoo’s Role in Animal Welfare

Help to make a difference by choosing Chester Zoo as your wedding venue, you are helping in our fight to prevent extinction. As you celebrate your happy day, you can do so with the added joy of knowing that you’ve made a real difference.

All the profits from every event at The Square will go towards our conservation work to help prevent extinction both here and around the world.

How to find Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo is easy to get to and not far from the M56 or Chester city centre. 

You’ll see lots of signposts on the main roads around Chester. If you’re visiting via the motorway, follow the signs to Chester until you see the brown tourist zoo signs.

Once you get onto the A41, stay on that road until you reach a roundabout with signs for Chester Zoo. Sat navs often get confused so please ignore them once you get onto the A41. Dont turn down Flag Lane North as it is a dead end.


We’re going to the Chester Zoo how about you?

Once you have decided to have your wedding at Chester Zoo, please contact me regarding your wedding day. As a wedding photographer who is familiar with the Zoo I can provide you with many ideas on what backgrounds to use and what traditional photos can be taken in specific areas. In addition, the palace is known for its distinct style, and I can help bring things together to create beautiful images that you will love.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. As a professional wedding photographer, it is my job to create images that you will look back at with a smile. Capturing your happiest memories is my job, and I cherish every minute.

Wedding photography at Chester Zoo is, unlike any other wedding venue. The unique setting of the zoo, the animals, and two different buildings allow you to have the wedding of your dreams.

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