A bride and groom walking through a grassy field.

The Advantages of Having a Second Photographer

I feel that having a second photographer is one of the most important things you can have on your wedding day. From coverage of the prep in the morning, capturing images from the back of the room while the service is taking place to capturing the images of friends and family throughout the day. These will be moments you have not seen and will only see by having a second photographer to capture them. Our prices include a second photographer in all of our packages not as an expensive add-on.

Enhanced Coverage

No photographer can be in two places at once. They cannot cover both bridal and groom prep at the same time. You may not be getting ready at the same venue. Even if you are in the same room, what should they be in? How do they know when things are going to happen without staging them? We want to photograph what’s going on as it occurs naturally throughout the day. 

At the service, the other photographer will usually photograph from the back of the venue, getting a different perspective of the service, while the main photographer will photograph your wedding from the front of the venue.

More Candid Shots

There will be candid shots throughout the day. The main photographer can focus on the bride and groom, while the second photographer can focus on your guests. You will not have seen these moments happening on the day and will love it when you get your wedding photographs.

The second photographer will also help me to help you. Carrying bags, setting up lights, and helping with group shots all help to make your day run as smoothly as possible, allowing you to spend more time with family and friends.

A lot of photographers have a second photographer, so why choose us?

All our full-day packages include a second photographer in the price, not as an extra cost.

I only use the same second photographers it will either be Scott or Stuart, I have worked with them for over ten years, so they know exactly what to do on a wedding day and how I work. I honestly feel that by not having a second photographer at your wedding you are going to miss so many things that happened on your wedding day.

Both photographers have worked with some of the leading wedding photographers in the country and are experienced wedding photographers.

Hopefully, the above article shows the advantages of having a second photographer. I believe having a second photographer will add so much more to your wedding day and naturally capture the true story of your special day.